Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Storiez Released Today

Today is the release date for my third cd, Storiez. It can be purchased at most Christian bookstores and online at itunes. I hope to post the lyrics here sometime this week. Feel free to post comments/ questions about the project here.

grace and peace,


Nickname unavailable said...

Shai you killed it once again! Listened to the whole thing straight. Well worth the wait. I don't know if I have ever been broken down by a rap song like that before!


CarrieLovesKeith said...

I tucked my 2-year-old and 3-year-old boys in for a nap today, and told them the story of Penelope Judd... I love that one! Actually, I love the whole album! My husband and I have been listening to it non-stop for the past 24 hours! Thank you for laboring to creatively communicate familiar Biblical truth! I am always in need of keeping the gospel from becoming too familiar, and your music greatly helps me see the cross in a different light!

And thanks for the shout-out (from this Sovereign Grace sister)!

Pastor goose said...

Great album.

Are there plans to make "Penelope Judd" into a children's book?

Anonymous said...

incredible cd shai......it was worth the wait. In Passover, what was the gift that was given to Rachel? I looked in the bible to see what the gift was but couldn't find the answer.

Anonymous said...

What made you change your mind on the cd cover?

smoke said...

when's the Listeners Guide comin out? lol. and thanks shai, for all you do!

Matt said...

Just downloaded it from eMusic today with high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed. More amazing stuff - I think Passover is my favorite, but time will tell.

Spurgeon was great too. Can we expect more biographical stuff? Maybe you could just do one for each of Piper's pastor's conference bios!

Eric Vaughn said...

shai i have to say... this is my favorite album ever. i bought last night midnight on itnues and havent put it down yet. through the grace of God you have achieved what has never been done before in any arena of music. from concepts, to beats, to lyrics, to diversity, to theology all on point. walking the campus if UCLA this morning I am just thanking God for allowing me to listen to people like you.

grace and peace


Ninus Gelyana said...

I've been waiting for this album to come out a long time ago. This CD is truly the standard of all Christian music. Your lyrics bring nothing but God's truth to a depraved nation. May God bless your ministry.

Regenerate Student Ministries said...

Wow, man. This album is solid. It's one that's going to take some time to fully digest. I was brought to tears this morning several times as I listen to "martyrs" and "letter from the grave". I played the Penelope Judd song for my kids last night and they listened intently and then asked them questions about the message being conveyed in the story and they got it! (specifically the 11 year old) Praise God, man. This is a unique album. The type of album you don't necessarily bang in the ride (though there are some nice beats on this albuum), but the type of album you listen intently to and ponder the truths being communicated. I'm blessed by this project, man! God is using you. Be encouraged. I'm thankful to God for the Storiez project.

Jeremy said...

Love the new album! Thanks for great theology, and great music! Soli Deo Gloria

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's all I can say. Wow!


sigh*..... I did not want to comment until i listened to it 3 full times, but...... MANNNNNN....... to God be the glory.....Now i want to go and read about the passover, The high priest, the life of spurgeon, I want my relationship with my wife to be like a triangle so that as i go closer to God I get closer to her!!!..... there is sooo much teaching and edification here that it almost seems like it's better than "The Attonement" which is my all time most spinned album EVER........ Shai, no seriously....... You need prayer cuz God knows how much work this took and how much support you need to do things like this.....sigh*

Ok... I am going to sleep now ( i might probably listen to it 3 times tomorrow to pick up stuff I missed on the first pass....over....lol.)

Pearls of Virtue said...

Shai... what a blessing!

I listened to Storiez the whole way through and was just amazed because I have never heard anything like it! Penelope Judd made me want to play it for my preschoolers. :) What a sweet tale of the beauty of the righteousness of Christ! As the Hour Draws Near gave me goosebumps... I was longing for heaven and yet at the same time burdened in prayer for my lost loved ones. Work It Out was a sweet encouragement... thank you! Martyrs was a heavy source of conviction. I'm so grateful to God! He is doing great things through you! Thank you for all of your hard work and for your diligence in the Word! Keep laboring for the glory of Christ!

Corey Reynolds said...

The track, "High Priest", brings me to tears each time I hear it. That is seriously powerful stuff, man! Thank you so much for what you do. Here's one pastor who is immensely encouraged by your ministry.

sean patrick said...

Brother I agree with the sentiments above. The album is saturated with passion and motivation to make the beauty of Christ known through thoughtful application of the Gospel.

Some of the instrumentals alone can break me down draw out worship towards the Creator. I love all of the piano used in the album. The beat for "Spurgeon" is gorgeous, as are the reverent lyrics.

I have the same question as someone above: what is the gift that Rachel gets in "Passover"? I too consulted the Word and even some of my Jewish literacy books. Does it have to do with the tradition of hiding and finding the broken piece of matzah? (And isn't amazing how everything points to Christ?!)

Wonderful work brother. Keep it up.


BTW, this is the young brother that bum rushed you at the Legacy Conference during the outreach concert, and came back later to apologize for it, lol. I appreciate your graciousness!

Anonymous said...

Look at the Lord using my brother!

Rob Peck said...

I have never liked hi hop music but I truely enjoy Lyrical Theology!

Anonymous said...

Shai Linne: Just downloaded "storiez" yesterday. Love it! Can't wait to play it for my kids as we travel today for Thanksgiving break. Thanks for your work!

Lotus said...

shai, I love the album and look forward to having one of the young men in my church share his experience of listening to "As The Hour Draws Near" with you. One of the reasons I love your music is because it express the deep theological truths of the faith and I can use it as illustration when sharing that truth with young believers.

Rita Martinez said...

I absolutely loved the way you presented the different stories! they're very edifying and as always God exalting :)
God bless you Shai.

Gracenotworks said...

I'm a 46 year old in Utah who has never enjoyed any type of hip hop or rap music. I got involved in the jail and prison ministry here and heard about Shai's music. I decided it may be just what the guys on the inside would respond to...wow was that right!! The deeper the theology, the more they love it. We start every evening with a song by Shai. I always print out the lyrics to the song I take in so they can ponder message. I can't wait for the Storiez lyrics to be posted, the guys are gonna love Alone!

Keep it deep my friend and may God bless your ministry

shai said...

Thank you all for your words of encouragement!

To Anonymous, who asked about the change with the artwork on the cover: in talking with the designer, we agreed that the original cover was a bit too "busy", and so we decided to simplify it. Also, this cover goes better with the back cover art, imo.

To those who asked about Rachel's gift on "Passover":

Surprisingly, that's the most common question I've received since the project came out. I'm working on a listener's guide for Storiez, where I may or may not disclose the gift :)

To pastor goose, who asked about a Penelope Judd children's book: it was my desire since the song was written to adapt it into a children's book. One of the many challenges is finding a capable illustrator. I am looking into it though. Your prayers would be appreciated in that regard.

Again, I appreciate hearing from all of you. Soli Deo Gloria!

grace and peace,

msshaylaj said...

i agree...the Penelope Judd children's book would be excellent. i just completed the Web site for one who's illustrator has a great range of styles (mytravelinggrandma.com)
you may want to consider him as well: http://mikemotz.com/


Anonymous said...

You show forth the catholicity of the Gospel, Mr. Linne; that the Spirit where He wills. God bless. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

You show forth the catholicity of the Gospel, Mr. Linne; that the Spirit where He wills. God bless. Keep fighting the good fight.

shai said...


Thank you! Those links were very helpful.

grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the listeners guide. thanks for "maybe" adressing the gift for Rachel. I think a good sign of a good story teller is when your listeners are hanging on to your words waiting for the full development of the story. then when we dont get it, we get curious.
God bless shai

Aaron Parker said...

Thank you sir for all you do with your lyrical theology. I pray that God gives you long life and length of days because your music has so blessed me and others I have informed about you. The way God has gifted you shows without a doubt that you have bottle and presented theology in a way that is undescribeable.
You songs are definitely glued to the hearts and minds of those who trust in Christ.
May God continue to be gracious towards you, and thank God for your mother who birth you. (smile)

msshaylaj said...

...glad to be of some help. :) congrats on another fine work!...praying God's continued strength and wisdom for you brother!


Vokal MC. said...

I've loved your work since "Solus Christus Project" & Storiez absolutely amazed me. I can barely pick a favorite! Thank God for your creativity & your endless lyrical potency to spread the Word everywhere!
God bless you.

grace & heart peace.