Friday, November 28, 2008

Storiez Lyrics Posted

I've posted all the lyrics for Storiez. I'm working on a listener's guide for the project as well. Thank you for all the feedback I've received thus far.
grace and peace,


Pearls of Virtue said...

Thank you, thank you!

I've been playing this record outta control. I can't get enough of it... it's been such a blessing. I love each song but I think that As the Hour Draws Near and Letter from the Grave have got to be my favorites... because it reminds me what I should be living for. People need to hear the Word that they might repent and believe for the glory of God! Thanks again for such an amazing piece of work, Shai. I have an utmost amount of respect for you brother. I pray that you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Stephen B. said...

I hope you realize that the more albums you drop like this the higher the expectations are going to be. Amazing job! God is really using you to communicate biblical truth.

Anonymous said...

to be completely honest... i'm am praying for you... praying that you remain small so that God can stay big. may The Lord continue to use you to help convict, encourage, & inspire all who dare seek for truth... also do you have any blogs on "election"? i would like to see them ... i know you made a reference to election in a few of your songs

Anonymous said...

I love it! The song As The Hour Draws Near & Letter from The Grave just stopped me on my tracks! It reminded me not to lose focus and share the Gospel.

In Christ

Anonymous said...

i have your solus christus project and i played that cd so much number 12-15 won't play! lol i just am so grateful that God placed inside of you a vision and you are conveying that vision so clearly. Your storiez album is so unique and I must admit it kinda had to grow on me. But once it did (it didn't take long) i play it all the time. I believe penelope judd and martyrs are my favorites. Continue to allow God to use you!

Jason Ramsey said...

Hey, how can I buy this in the UK? Other than the itune rip off?

I really like what you're doing. I work for a radio talk show based in England and we have been very impressed with what you're doing. Lets have more biblical truth!!!!

Rita Martinez said...

thank you sooo sooo much Shai!!

Rita Martinez said...

Shai where did you leave More Random Thoughts??

shai said...

Pearls of Virtue and Stephen,

Praise the Lord! It's a crazy honor for sinners to be able to use gifts from the Lord for His glory!


Thank you for your prayers. They're greatly appreciated. I haven't blogged on the Biblical doctrine of election. Did you have a question about it? I could try to answer if you did.


In addition to itunes, Storiez can be purchased through Amazon or downloaded through


"More Random Thoughts" isn't on Storiez. That was an exclusive single for myspace. I may be able to dig up the lyrics for that if you'd like.

grace and peace,

Rita Martinez said...

ohh that would be so so great if you would thanks!! and sorry to bother you!
God bless ya!!

shai said...


It's no bother at all. I just emailed it. Let me know if you didn't get it.

grace and peace,

Rita Martinez said...

Haven't gotten it yet will you please re-send it??

Carvin H said...

Hey Shai God has again been gracious to you with His hand on the Storiez album. As the hour draws near begs a visual bro. I played it for my mmhhmmh year old aunties. They recently saved and they were blessed - one of them was an athiest till aboutq two years ago and she said she was definatley the third dude I think Mr Michaels.
Was wondering how amazing it would look in a hospital with all the props and extras described?

shai said...


Email me at and I'll resend when I reply.


The visual. Hmmm... There are a couple of challenges when it comes to visuals. One is format. As I'm thinking through things, doing something with animation seems to make the most sense. It's a matter of finding people who can do it. The other is financial. Doing it with excellence would be expensive. It would be a huge undertaking. But nothing is impossible for our God, so we'll see.

grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

could you post the lyrics to more random thoughts? i would like to see them as well.

Anonymous said...


I'm blessed by your music. Storiez is the first gospel rap album I've regrets. Stay connected to the Father, it makes a world of difference in your inspired lyrical offerings.

God Bless,

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for writing these songs! I just listened to your whole Storiez album and loved every song! To God be the glory forever!

Matt said...

Hey Shai,
Praise God for the ways he is using you and your music to communicate rock-solid biblical truth. I've been listening to Storiez lately (by the way my 3 year old son loves Penelope Judd--he refers to it as Jesus Music...too bad we can't put our top down when we drive). I was wondering if you are going to do the listener's guide for Storiez? I would love see that if/when you finish it.
Thanks for your faithful ministry...we certainly see God's grace evident in your life!

Hannah said...

Man, I love this CD! It's so powerful. Right now, I'm hooked on the song "Penelope Judd." It's such a great visual story about our sin and how God sees it. Anyone can understand this and I want to share this with the kids in my Sunday School class. God bless you in your work. To God be the glory!

DoulouChristou said...

Superb album thank you for allowing Yahweh to speak through you, but it's He that makes you willing haha isn't it wonderfully complex. Real-Talk though Shai the music has inspired me greatly to get involved with the christian hip/hop culture movement. I was jamin to martyrs with my mother, and her heart was touched to the point of tears. We talked about how we as Christians forget that suffering is one of the two marks of a true believer. To many cats associate suffering with failure to comply to God's law. Now at times that maybe true, but we forget that Christ suffered because the world hated Him! No servant is greater than His master, it should our Joy to embrace the suffering of Christ I Peter 4:13.

P,S, is there any way I can get more random thoughts lyrics. Grace and Peace sorry for babbling

mapule somo said...

Dear Brother..
I dont know how old this album is but i think i can call this timeless music honestly its 2012 and this is the first time ever i hear this amazing music. Praise be to our Heavenly Father for how he is using u as a vessel to expand his kingdom. I am so humbled and convicted by all your three albums. Storiez, the atonement and solus christus. wow wow wow.. amazing.. God bless you and your wife and kids. May you continue in this work that you have been called to. Thank you sharing your talent in such a God gloryfying way i am inspired and will do best to share this beautiful music with all my friends here in SA.

Grace and Peace.