Tuesday, September 6, 2016

And...We're back.

Yes, it's been almost four years. Where to begin with all that's happened in that time? 2 more albums released. Controversy. A debate about Christian Hip-hop with a fundamentalist. Pastoral ministry in Alexandria, Virginia. A church plant in Philly. 2 more children, bringing our total to 3.

Originally, my plan was to bring this blog into another platform and continue it. For different reasons that didn't work out. A little while back, a friend commented that he missed this blog. I thought to myself, yeah, I miss it, too. So here we are again. I have no idea how much I'll blog. It wasn't very frequent when I was active. And my responsibilities are greater now, as a husband and father of 3 and a pastor, in addition to music and other things I have my hand in. And I still don't love blogger, so that may still be subject to change. I still need to update my sidebar. All I know is that I haven't run out of things to say. And 140 characters is not quite enough. 

Anybody still around from "back in the day"?

grace and peace,


Ross Bender said...

Most definitely here :)

Perishable Dave said...

Welcome back! Had you on my blog list since the Solus Christus Project. Have you thought about medium.com? Probably a better free writing platform than blogger at this point. Could also have someone set up a ghost.org blog for you.

ObjectiveTruth said...

Yup, I've got your blog saved in the RSSes that I ported over to Feedly when Google Reader died. If you do move over to a different platform, make sure to post here so we know where to go.

LisaB said...

I'm here! What a lovely surprise to find something from you in my RSS feed this morning.

John said...

Your blog is still in my feed-reader. Pleasantly surprised to see something new! Hope to see more. Blessings, brother.