Monday, November 28, 2011

Attributes Sermon Snippets

One of my favorite parts about putting out albums is exposing people to the resources that have helped to shape my thinking about the content of the songs. One way to do this is by putting snippets from particularly helpful sermons in the songs themselves. A good number of people have asked me about the original sources of the sermon snippets heard on Attributes. Here's a list of the snippets, along with links to the original sermons.

D.A. Carson on Perfection of Beauty

This is from a sermon called "God" that D.A. Carson preached at the 2010 Next Conference. You can find that sermon here. Scroll down to the 2010 Conference.

John Piper on All-Consuming Fire

This is from a sermon called "The Greatest Thing in The World- An Overview of Romans 1-7" that John Piper preached as a part of his series in Romans. It's one of my all-time favorite Piper sermons. You can find it here

Sinclair Ferguson on Self-Sufficiency

This is from a sermon called "The Lord our God, The Lord is One: The Simplicity of God" that Sinclair Ferguson preached at the 2004 Ligonier National Conference on the Attributes of God. It can be found here.

Thanks again for all the feedback that y'all have given me about the album.

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

the boooosh, the fire that was in the boooosh but was not consumed by... the boooosh... lol once u get past the accent its a pretty beasty sermon tho...

Nathan Rose said...

Thanks Shai! I can't wait to listen to these.

Anonymous said...

I've been poking around but I can't spot whether you made a similar post for your previous albums. I'm curious if you've got sources on sermons excerpted on your other albums.

Markus said...


@Anonymous, are you crazy? His accent is AWESOME!! When I heard it and what He was saying in "self sufficiency" I have been searching for this sermon because I wanted to listen to it. So good! The message is a good one too :) God is good!

Shai, I love "The Perfection of Beauty" I have always been torn. The beauty of the cross because His love was shown there... yet the horror of what I did to Him! What my sin did to Him! I am always at war within myself and am at a loss of words when it comes to this. Just wanted to share that I love how your songs are about Him! It's so amazing!

Btw, can you make a rhyme(song) about the cross? Is that not our first love?

shai said...

@Anonymous- Good idea. I'll see if I can fish around a little and find the sources.

grace and peace,

John said...

Thanks shai! I've always wanted to listen to the one from Sinclair Ferguson on the self sufficiency of God - an absolutely amazing observation about the bush (or booosh as anon said lol), but had no idea where to look.

I'd love it if you and the rest from lampmode would provide sermon links like this for all your songs. That would be so edifying :)

grace and much peace to you, brother