Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Christianity and the Arts

Here's a brief part of an interview I did with Christianity.com that deals with Christianity and the arts.


Chuck Clevenger said...

Shai, this is powerful stuff. One of my former students saw this post, Emailed me, and suggested that I share it with my current students (400 of them each semester). I plan to recommend your blog to them.

I teach the Intro to Humanities class at Cedarville University, and I want to commend your wisdom and balance, brother. These are good words. I hope you will keep up this important ministry of commentary on contemporary issues.

"Dr. C"
Charles Clevenger, DMA
Professor of Piano and Humanities
Cedarville University

Charlene said...

This challenged me a bit. Insightful too. Thanks for sharing!

T.J.A said...

Hey Shai,Love your music, and you passion for Christ really shinning through them and being a blessing to many people

Pardon me but I want to challenge your thoughts on this. In a sense I don't completely agree with calling a song Christ-centred but having nothing about Christ, what he did and generally what the whole essence of God is. If it's not about the Triune God, his attributes, his plans, etc...It's not a sellout but it's not Christ music either. Yes it doesn't have to be hardcore (like carving John 3:16) but I think Christ music for the world should be delivered in a way that it guides people, and not in a way to gain acceptance...your thoughts please

shai said...

@T.J.A- Thanks for your comments. You said:

"I don't completely agree with calling a song Christ-centred but having nothing about Christ..."

I actually agree with that point. I'm not sure what I said in the video that gave you the impression that I thought differently. By definition, something that is "Christ-centered" should be about Christ. I believe that the Christian musician has the freedom to do music that is explicitly Christ-centered and he or she has the freedom to do music that isn't Christ-centered (as long as he or she isn't sinning in doing so). I tried to make the point in the video that the non-explicit Christian musician, like the Christian photographer, painter or graphic designer, etc. glorifies God in the same way that the heavens do it in Psalm 19:1.

When you speak about non-explicit Christian musicians doing it to "gain acceptance", you get into the motives of the musician, which I wouldn't want to do. I'm sure some do it to gain acceptance. And I agree that would be the wrong reason to do it. But I believe there are others who do it the way they do it because that's simply how God wired them and I'm ok with that. Either way, discipleship in the local church is key for artists on both sides of the spectrum. Thanks again for your comments.

grace and peace,

shai said...

Dr. C, Charlene and Taylor: Thanks for your encouraging feedback!

grace and peace,

T.J.A said...

Hello Shai,

My apologies for misinterpreting your interview.

But I like the point you made that discipleship is key for artists because the heart wanders, a whole lot more than we think and it's only the grace of God through his spirit searching the inner depths of our hearts and convicting us constantly that will help us...

Keep running the race bro...You're in our prayers and Thank God for your life


Bob Meredith said...

Shai, your music plays regularly at my house.My wife and I have learned to love rap, but more than that, your cross centered songs are powerful and theologically solid. Keep up the great work. We are at Bethlehem in Minneapolis.

solideogloria09021995 said...

Lol the Bible boys lol But seriously man you are an inspiration to me and seeing you glorifying God really inspires me at the age of 16. You have really been a huge influence in my life. keep up the good work for the Master who's risen! I'm glad God sovereignly put u on this earth! Grace and peace!