Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Album Coming Soon

For those of you who have been waiting, I have a new album coming out soon. Today, we released the title and artwork for it. The title is The Attributes of God. You can see the write up on the Lamp Mode Website here. More info to come.

grace and peace,


roger said...

It =s time Bro. You one of the most influential ministers out there. And you got mic skills galore. keep pressin'

Anonymous said...

YOu say waiting like its a casual thing.
Cant wait

Anonymous said...

A new album from my favorite rapper. Can't wait.

Why such a plain cover? This intrigues me.

Derek said...

Your musical style and target audience seems to have shifted since the days of Rock Soul. Maybe you should blog on that and explain the process of your growth and development: theologically, artistically, and maturity wise.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't by any chance have anything to do with the Arthur Pink book would it?

Jeremy J. Lundmark said...

As a reformed pastor I am incredibly grateful for your work.

I just stumbled upon it this morning and it is so incredibly refreshing to listen to quality music, with quality theology that packs a punch.

Your song "Mission Accomplished" almost led me to tears of rejoicing as I openly exclaimed "Finally". The church needs this... BAD. Don't stop... ever.

I'll be in touch.

Jeremy J Lundmark
Pastor Community Baptist Church Apalachin, NY
President/Founder Diligence Applied Ministries

Joe Thomas said...

How soon is soon?

shai said...

@Joe- more info to come! lol

@Jerry- Praise the Lord, bro. Very encouraged to hear that.

@Anonymous- Pink has a book by that title, but no, it's not based on Pink's book. It's based on Exodus 33:18-34:8, 14.

@Derek- Thanks for the suggestion. Working on it!

@Anonymous- I plan to talk more about the cover at a later date

@Roger- Thanks bro!

@Anonymous- Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

grace and peace,

Mustapha Makokola said...

cant wait to listen to this album. i hope Tim is goin to feature a song or two and am sure it's goin to be more lyk stories. wishing you a good of preparation.