Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Update

I haven't blogged in a while because my time has been consumed with being a husband to the best wife a man could hope to have, serving at my church & traveling for concerts and speaking engagements, etc. Also, I've been working on my new album, which I'm glad to say, is almost finished! It's been a long and at times, difficult, process. I'm excited to be getting close to completion. More info, including the title, release date and audio clips- coming soon.

grace and peace,


DoulouChristou said...

Praying for you brother. I look forward to the completion of the new project. Grace and Peace.

shai said...

Thanks for your prayers! Appreciate it!

Jerry said...

Take your time bro. No reason to rush things. Being a good husband definitely comes first.

Matt McMains said...

I perhaps selfishly want to say "keep blogging!", but I shall refrain as I know the joys of being a husband, as well as the time it takes (time well spent to be sure!). Can't wait for the new project and will be praying for you brother.

Julius Mickel said...

Yes keep the priorities in order..especially since so many will push u to work, work, work& while they praise u 4 all u do, the fam break down& u lose your integrity: better to have a funeral where your wife& children can testify to the work of grace in u, then a bunch of strangers who praise u for what u did on stage.
Forget the culture, enjoy, lead that wife& stack up on 'arrows' (as the Lord provides)