Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oct. 22-24 in the L.A. and Tampa, FL Areas

For all who might be interested, I'll be appearing this upcoming weekend in the L.A. and Tampa, FL areas. In SoCal, I'll be in concert on Friday and speaking at a men's conference on Saturday. I'll also be in concert in St. Petersburg, FL on Sunday evening. Please pray that the Lord would strengthen Blair and I to serve His people this weekend, that the gospel would be clear and that God would draw people to Himself! Here are some details:

Friday, Oct. 22

What: Glorifying God Through Music/ Spoken Word
Who: Shai and Blair Linne
Where: The Master's College in Santa Clarita, CA
When: 7pm
For More Info: Click Here

Saturday, Oct. 23

What: A Call to Arms Men's Conference
Who: Ray Comfort, Shai Linne and others
Where: Corona, CA
When: 8am- 1pm
For More Info: Click Here

Sunday, Oct. 24

What: Glorifying God through lyrical theology
Who: Shai Linne, Young Bois, G-86
Where: St. Petersburg, FL
When: 7pm
For More Info: Click Here

Hope to see some of you there!

grace and peace,


An exceptional being said...

I heard you at the Missions Conference this past weekend. I was very encouraged by your music. Thank you for sharing.

John Weathersby said...

Brother I pray you had traveling mercies those were some 'tight' time frames.

I trust you enjoyed TSA and their warm welcoming demeanor.

Looking forward to some blogging!

Dan and Laura said...

I just wanted to tell you that I (and my brother) am encouraged by your lyrics. Thanks for loving Jesus and sharing His truth.

Stephen said...

None in England, sad times, although I am probably the only one asking