Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaaand...back to Cali Again :)

It's been an interesting week in Hawaii. Here are a few of the highlights:

4/16- Arrived in Honolulu and immediately flew to the "Big Island", where we were scheduled for a concert the next day.

4/17- Performed a concert at a church in Kona. It was interesting, because I felt a sense of opposition to our message that went beyond the response of the crowd, which was mostly favorable. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was later reminded that Hawaii has a long history of paganism and false religion and that the true gospel has not penetrated deeply here. There are many churches there and even fewer that preach the gospel. Through different experiences, it became clear that the kingdom of darkness was aware of our presence there. It was a bit unnerving, but it caused each of us to depend more on the Lord and to remember that we aren't on vacation. This place is deceptive because the beauty of creation is so in your face that you can be easily tempted to think that this is paradise. The irony is that, without question, this is one of the most spiritually dark places I've visited. Praise God that nothing can stop the advancement of His kingdom through the preaching of the gospel!

4/19- Worshiped at a church in Kona. It was a blessing to sing familiar songs with the people of God such a long way from home. It was very diverse ethnically and we also got to witness a baptism in the ocean.

4/21- We left Kona and flew to Maui.

4/22- We went to a Bible study at a local church, where we shared some music and took turns teaching on the gospel and its implications.

4/23- We shared more music in a youth service at one of the bigger churches in Maui.

4/24- We had an opportunity to do music at the biggest public school in Maui (1,700 students). It was on their lunch break in the main courtyard area of the school. It was pretty tense as we proclaimed the supremacy of Christ over beats. They told us we couldn't "preach", but I don't think they realized that our music does nothing but "preach"! At one point, I thought they were going to shut us down. When I did "Jesus is Alive", you could hear a pin drop! The Lord provided an open door through the gospel and gave us the grace to walk through it. The highlight of the trip for me so far.

4/24- this evening- We'll be performing our main concert tonight before heading to Honolulu in the morning. We have two more shows this weekend, and then it's back to Southern California on Monday.

Here's our schedule of events for next week:

When: Thursday- April 30 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: The Master’s College
Swixon Lawn (The Master’s College)
21726 Placerita Cyn. Rd Santa Clarita, CA
Cost: Free

When: Friday- May 1 7:00pm
Where: Inland Church
1101 Glen Avenue
Pomona, California
Cost: Free

We're working on doing something on Skid Row on Saturday, but it's not firm yet. I'll give more details when I find out more.

All in all, it's been an amazing trip. Difficult, but good. I'm missing my home church. When I get back, I will have been gone for about a month. I've definitely felt my need for the Lord here in the face of some blatant opposition and spiritual warfare. He has shown Himself to be faithful. It's been very encouraging to fellowship with His people. It seems that the Lord may be planting the seeds for revival in these islands. What a privilege we have to proclaim the excellencies of Christ!

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

Grace and peace dear brothers! Shai, thank you for the testimony of the trip thus far. I rejoice with you at the opportunity to proclaim the good news at the public high school (certainly sounds like a highlite)! What favor from the Lord! I'm curious, did someone that works at the school invite you, or was it a student connection or what? Ahhhh, High schools, what a needy harvest field!!! Loving and praying for you brothers,
Caleb Reed

Jeffery said...

stoked to see you in Pomona

Caleb said...

One more thing brother, are you planning on doing something with Patrick Ersig and the saints in fellowship with him on Skid Row? This would the Jonah Project ministry on Skid Row....
If it's them, HALLELUIAH!!!! If it's someone else, praise the Lord too...but I highly encourage you to meet Patrick if opportunity arises. He is a precious brother who really likes hip hop.

Continuing to labor in prayer with thanksgiving!
Caleb Reed

I Caught the Vapors said...


Thanks for the update, bro.

Anonymous said...

wow shai hawaii thaz great!!! aye man keep doin what you doin

Mike N. said...


As you wrap up in Hawaii, live in, pray over & think on Colossians. Paul was dealing with people knee-deep in some serious dark spiritual mess, and it was Christ's triumph over those forces that the apostle seized on to encourage the body there (see esp. 2:8-15). (I honestly believe that if believers exegete and understand and live in and appropriate this book, Colossians could be to the 21st century what Romans was to the 16th--a gateway to reformation [I'll get in with this letter tonight or tomorrow afternoon, praying for you as I go through.]) I believe your LampMode brother with you has had a thing or two to say about the letter.

Shai and Jason and Esso, You have been filled in the great Sovereign who is the head over every rule and authority (2:10)--every dark force that opposes you has already been played, schooled, thoroughly defeated, unmasked, and (in eternity) paraded as conquered subjects of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Let no man persuade you different than this.

--Mike (from the Mid to the East) from the 'Lou

"A kaili ae la oia i ko na'lii, a me ko na mea mana, ua hoike ia lakou ma ke akea, e lanakila ana maluna o lakou ma keia." --Colossians 2:15

mariexpx said...

Thanks for the update, Minnesota is praying for you :) Your Christ-exalting, God honoring music is a blessing to us every day!

Anonymous said...

God is working in Hawaii my brotha check out these godly men and families will be bringing expositional truth of our Lord Savior through the holy scriptures. Please pray for them, if you know anyone looking for a home church for Oahu, check out the website.

Bryan said...

I will see you at Maters College this Thursday. Shai it was a blessing to hear about your work on the islands. I'll be praying for you!

CLER said...

Shai... your observation of Hawaii is so on point. My recent trip to Maui gave me this certain feeling and your post just pretty much explained it to me. It's true that this place is a beautiful place (seems paradise-like, but many people do not know the Truth. People are either stuck in paganism and/or false religion. What you said it gave me conviction, it is easy to get deceived by thinking this place is paradise, but we need to remember that there's work that needs work for the Kingdom.

Dj said...

Got introduced to your music about a year ago...been ministering to me ever since. Great to hear about what was happening in Hawaii. Gonna bring a group of people to the show on Friday. Can't wait.

one love,

jbuck21 said...


Can you guys come down to church on Sunday? We'd love to have you and take you guys to lunch.

we'll have the youth group up on Friday night in Pomona.

In Christ,

Jon Buck

Anonymous said...


That's awesome that you got to preach the Gospel at a public high school! I'm surprised that they didn't shut you down (but like you said, they probably didn't hear the lyrics).

You should come to my high school in Maryland. I teach many students that love hip hop and are in desperate need of a Savior.

Daniel B.

athena nyke said...


I'm a student at The Master's College and I'll be at the concert on Thursday. I have really been blessed by your lyrics, how the truth of the Gospel is clearly proclaimed. Thank you for using your gift to glorify our Savior.

Your Sister in Christ,

Eph 2:8 to 10 said...

I am glad God gave you the opportunity to preach the Gospel to them through music. I always thought Hawaii to be a beauty place, but I guess I never thought Hawaii to be that void of the gospel and so pagan. I will pray that the word of God will fall on fruitful ground.

James Arnold said...

Hey Shai,

Just wanted to say that I found your concert tonight to be a blessing. It was definitely a blessing to this Biola student (and his two Biola student friends, in case you remember us :P). There is something encouraging to me when I hear hip-hop music with solid theology. You and the other members of the 116 clique have a deep understanding of Church history, the great men of the faith, and you aren't afraid to use the word "elect" :P

God Bless ya, Shai. It was good meeting you. I added you on Facebook. :)


Daniel said...

Hey Shai,

I hope your visit to the Master's Seminary went well. Tell DJ Essence to visit more often with you.

- daniel

Sarah Puebla said...

So glad to see you performed at The Master's College. I sounds like you are very busy. Don't forget to check you email:)

Anonymous said...

I thank God for you and your music!I just discovered it.

Caleb said...

Hi Shai,

Just wondered how the last leg of the trip went?

Caleb Reed

Frank Strauss said...

Suffering for Jesus in Kona. I'm prayin' for ya.

Grace and peace,
Frank Strauss
(Valley Forge Christian College)

Anonymous said...

Your show in Pomona was awesome! And hangin out with you and Essence for dinner was great. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about your adventures in Hawaii. It is such a dark place spiritually and needs the gospel desperately.
Your music encourages me greatly! The gospel is so rich and it is great to enjoy it in the form of hip-hop.

God Bless you,


Jason said...
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Joe Blackmon said...

Thank you for your testimony and your faithfulness to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord. Grace and peace to you, brother.