Wednesday, September 3, 2008


These past few weeks, I've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on my new cd called Storiez. I'm posting this as I sit in the Lamp Lounge studio with deejay essence. He is heavily involved with the mixing/ mastering of the project. For those who don't know, mixing and mastering is the post-production work which occurs after the initial recording work is finished. It's basically the adjustment of sound levels for the purpose of achieving a more polished, professional sound. It is extremely time consuming and you find yourself listening to the same songs so many times that it can almost drive you crazy. On top of that, we had some last minute changes with a few of the beats. Because of these things, we had to push back our release date from October 14th to November 18th. Our distributor has been very patient with us. It's a blessing to have both the platform and the artistic freedom to make music from the heart without external pressure concerning lyrical content.

I want to talk a little about the cd cover and how it relates to the music. The cover is meant to capture some of the major themes of the album:

1. A story within a story- Every human life is a story which plays a small part in a bigger story- the story of God's dealings in human history. On the cover, the children are watching a story- unaware that they themselves are being watched. The layers on the wall are also meant to convey this idea.

2. Old and new- The CD uses new methods to communicate old truths. The words on the page in the upper left corner of the cd cover is a song from the CD typed in an old font. The children on the cover are caught up in and mesmerized by the new, but really need the old. This is an accurate depiction of our technologically-entranced society, as well as the Church, which seems to be increasingly allured by what's "hot" right now.

3. Children- Children play a prominent role on the CD- as main characters in some of the narratives as well as performing on certain songs. In some ways, the children symbolize fallen humanity's general naivete when it comes to spiritual realities.

As we get closer to the release date, I'll be posting more specifics about the project. Your prayers for the Lord's help in finishing it and His being glorified in its release would be greatly appreciated.

grace and peace,


John T. Meche III said...

Man I can't wait for this to drop. Exciting!

pastor J said...

Christianity owed its origin neither to art nor to science, and is altogether independent of both. But it penetrates and pervades them with is heaven-like nature, and inspires them with a higher and nobler aim. ART REACHES ITS REAL PERFECTION IN WORSHIP, AS AN EMBODIMENT OF DEVOTION IN BEAUTIFUL FORMS, which afford pleasure, and at the same time excite and promote devotional feeling. POETRY AND MUSIC, THE MOST FREE AND SPIRITUAL ARTS, which present their ideals in word and tone, and lead immediately from outward form to the spiritual substance...(Shcaff, History of the Christian Church, Vol. 11 p 267)

Thought you would appreciate that.
Keep doing it bro! (But do it a lil quicker... :) you got so many people anticipating this. grace&peace

Jenn said...

I look forward to hearing the album. I am excited :) And thanks for explaining the cover. Now I won't be lost like I was w/The Atonement...

You - "What color is this?"
Me - "Red? Orange?"
You - "What do you think it signifies?"
Me - "Ohhhh! The blood of Christ?"
You - "No"


david said...

i'm feeling the album cover and meaning. very thoughtful and creative.

anticipating. . .


claude said...

Lookin forward to gettin the CD when it drops. I'll be prayin for you, bro.

msshaylaj said...

very nice...i also like how the children are gazing with such interest. they look gladly anxious to see/hear. reminds me of Mat 18:4 how posture of humility is so important in receiving.

"Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Purple Soapbox Admin said...

This is great I love the concept behind it. I though the artwork for The Atonement was great to...can't wait to get my hands on Storiez..

Anonymous said...


I've been rescued by the Lamb
I'm convinced that He's risen
And blessed is the man
Whose sins are forgiven.

Wow. I have the electronic download of The Atonement, but have been looking for a HARD COPY that I can give as gifts. Are they available?

I'm using Atonement Q&A in my Sunday School this quarter to teach sound doctrine to my Junior High Kids.

shai said...


Hip-hop in Sunday school? Exciting stuff! Right now, there's an issue with ordering from the lampmode website, so you can get physical copies by emailing and specifying what you'd like to order. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Pastor J,

Excellent quote. Very inspiring!

Thanks to all who left comments :)

grace and peace,


Man right now the attonement is my staple music for the day..... It still amazes me how much Jesus really did.....

I can't wait for Storiez cuz Your storytelling is second do none. Stay blessed man.

I pray the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ Be with you as you finish up the project.

The Barnes Family said...

Hey Shai, I'm loving the new album cover. If you put that much work into the cover, I can't imagine the content of the album. I've been blessed tremendously by your lyrics. Keep repping the Lord!

P.S. I didn't catch the meaning of The Atonement's album cover; is it that the atonement is shedding light on man's sin/position towards God?

Anonymous said...

If this new album is anything like The Atonement, sign me up! Loving the music, shai!

Douglas from London

Anonymous said...

I purchased this album yesterday. For the first time ever, I was floored by the information given on a christian rap cd! I was shouting a couple of times. I've always heard you on other's albums. I was like this dude is nice, let me give him a listen. You will now be $20 richer because I am going to buy your previous two albums when I get paid! Hands down, best album, content and message I have heard. Keep the faith brother!